Ms. Phillips hw for 3/31 and 4/3

12th grade- read 2 handouts

9th grade- finish book for Mon. Finish writing assignment.

11th grade- finish 2nd Regents handout.

AP Psych.- read new handout. Recap Mon. on Learning unit- be prepared.

10th grade- read up to “The Present” on p.12.

Ms. Phillips hw for 3/30

12th grade- look at site given in class.

9th grade- read through p. 243.

11th grade- self-score Regents exam; bring Practice Test A.

AP Psych.- review notes.

10th grade- read up until the last paragraph on p.7; answer questions from board.

Ms. Phillips hw for 3/28

12th grade-read Klay op-ed piece.

9th grade-read Cain op-ed piece. Write: What is the author’s thesis? Cite 2 details the author uses to support the thesis. What is an op-ed piece?

11th grade-you must bring pp 227-244 tomorrow. Proofread essay begun in class.

AP Psych.- answer the 4 scenario questions: What kind of operant conditioning is each?

10th grade-read through the top of p4.

Ms. Phillips hw for 3/23

12th grade- review notes

9th grade- read through p. 139. Test Fri. on text so far plus class notes.

11th grade- be sure Practice Test A is completed.

AP Psych.- be prepared for pop quizzes at any time.

10th grade- read W.E.B. DuBois text.

Ms. Phillips hw for 3/22

9th grade-read through p. 99. Test Fri. on text so far and notes/class discussions.

11th grade- do timed Practice Test A.

AP Psych.- review Chapter 10.

10th grade- look up major facts on Frederick Douglass.

Ms. Phillips hw for 3/17 and 3/20

12th grade: essay- What limits on speech, if any, should there be on college campuses? This is due Fri. 3/17. For Mon. 3/20- Read the Bruni essay (distributed Fri.) and write a short essay on whether you have changed your opinion or not.

9th grade: Watch assigned video for Fri. For Mon. read pp 3-51.

11th grade: Work through pp 173-222 on your own time. Do essay #3 for Mon. (p. 292).

AP Psych.: Read pp 176-top 183 in handout.

10th grade: Read the Finkel article. Write a reaction essay OR a letter to Christopher Knight. You must explain your opinion. You must include a statement on how Knight’s motives were different from those of Thoreau. Review the Brooking/Singer essay for discussion Mon.

School’s Back

School is back in session on Wednesday March 15. Classes will begin at 9 am.

No School

Due to the hazardous weather conditions, there will be no school Tuesday