Mr. Chhe Monday 2/12/18

7th grade English – Do pg.96-98

8th grade English – Read 78-80 Do exercise 4.9

8th grade English – Do Lesson 22 definitions and sentences

7th and 8th grade Science – Do pg.540 1-7





Mr Feldstein HW due mon feb 12

Algebra 1: page 193 21-28

AP Euro: using the document packet (6 docs) and the speech by Robespierre write a DBQ essay for the following prompt: Evaluate to what degree did the French Revolution and the new republic reflect the will of the French people. 

Mr. Chhe Thursday 2/8/18

7th grade English – Do pg.93 exercise 4.13

8th grade English – Do up to pg.80 exercise 4.9

9th grade English – finish book call of the wild

7th and 8th grade science – Study for test


Ms. Phillips HW 02/07/2018

9th grade – make sure you have read through page 229

10th grade – look up + learn the definitions of these logical fallacies: slippery slope, red herring, straw man, ad hominem, hasty generalization, post hoc ergo propter hoc, genetic fallacy
– and write a speech taking the opposite position to your first speech.

11th grade – make sure you have read through line 1166.

12th grade – read chapter 38.

APĀ® Psych – review your notes.