Schatz HW 10/6/16

7th Grade HW #13

  1. How did Greenland and Iceland get their names?
  2. What is the capital of England and what river is it located on?
  3. Why does England need a strong navy?
  4. list only 49 states of America

8th Grade HW #15

  1. Why is England safe as an island country?
  2. Why is it better for a country to have freedom for its people?
  3. How could Rome civilize nations it took over?
  4. Why is it almost immposible for England to be invaded by another country?
  5. List 7 countries in Central America and their capital cities

9th Grade HW#13 

  1. Why is Egypt so important to Israel?
  2. Why did Sadat of Egypt want a peace treaty with Israel?
  3. What makes the Nile River so important to Egypt?
  4. What are 3 reasons the Middle East is so important?

10th Grade HW #13

  1. What were three contributions of the Jewish people?
  2. Why did so many people resent what the Jews were selling?
  3. What was the importance of the Code Of Hammurabi?
  4. What was the importance of the Phoencians?

11th Grade HW #13

  1. Why do you think England and France where such terrible enemies?
  2. What were the years of the French Indian war?
  3. Why were the Indians helping France in its war against England?
  4. What was the importance of the trial of John Peter Zenger?

12th Grade HW #12

  1. What is Yellow Journalism?
  2. WHy were most Americans against the Spanish American war?
  3. Why were so many Americans for the war?
  4. What is Yellow Journalism? (no its not a mistake. it was written twice)