Ms. Phillips hw 11/6

10th grade- 1 paragraph: paraphrase Atticus’s speech from Chapter 20.  Read Chapter 22. (Chapter 21 was read in class.) Cite 1 example from each of the last 3 chapters that support the statement that this book is a coming-of-age story.

AP Psych.- review notes.

AP EL&C- do all 5 selections as indicated in class pp 34-40, and the 3 “Culminating Activity” questions for each. The first 2 selections are due tomorrow.

9th grade- look up Latimer and Ridley and write a summary of their importance in history (refer to p 40). Read pp 51-62.

11th grade- read pp 78-92. Start working on a 1-page paper for Monday 11/10 on this topic: Hemingway said a writer should be good enough to omit certain things, and a reader should be good enough to discern those things. Do you agree or disagree with this contract between writer and reader?