Ms. Phillips hw 11/19

11th grade- test will be tomorrow-1/2 in class (to be collected) and the rest at home (due Friday).

9th grade- read pp 113-119. How does Montag feel as he burns his own house? (2 paragraphs).

APEL&C- read handout.Identify the thesis, the tone, and 3 figures of speech plus their specific citations.  Absentees must get notes from today’s class. Due to majority absenteeism, test on figures of speech is postponed until Friday.

AP Psych.- review notes. Do Phineas Gage hw previously given. Look up Jahi McMath.

10th grade- reflect on the part of the film you saw today. Final test Monday; it may be Tuesday if we need 2 more class sessions to watch the entire film.