MR.Schatz HW #10-11

My apoloogies to all parents.since last week I have been giving the homework to students in class.I had intended to repeat it on this site for parents to see but often i return home too late and simply forget.

starting today, the homeworks will appear on this site in the morning and I will also give it to the students during class time.

7-8th  1)What was the Holocause and why did it happen 2)what is a  city state.  3)What makes a country imprtant and a great nation  4)what are natural resources and their importance  5)Why has oil become the most important raw material

10th   1)What are the achievements of these ancient societies   1)Babylon  2)Egypt   c)Sumerians and Assyrians  d)Jews    e)Phoenicians     2)What is morality and it’s great importance  3)What is monotheism and what is polytheism

9th   1)what is meant by the words the “Middle East”  2)What are 8 countries in the Middle east   3)How is Iran a different country than it’s Arab neighbors   4)why is there so much hatred for Israel in the Middle East  5)How is Africa divided into two continents.  6)What are the 7 continents and 4 oceans

11th   1)what was the importance of the Mayfleower compact  2)what is a compact  3)Who were the Pilgrims and why did they come to the New world  4)why was religion so imposrtant to the Pilgrims  5What was Plymouth Rock  6)why did England lack religious unity

12th   1)What is the purpose of a political party   2)what were differeences in the political beliefs of Jefferson and Hamilton  3)why did Pres.Washington prefer the advice of Hamilton over Jefferson  4)Why did the Frence Revolution become so violent and the English one in 1689 was so peaceful