Mr.Schatz 9-18-2014 HW #11

7-8th  1)what are kines of longitude  2)what are lines of latitude  3)why is it important to know locations in the sir and in water  4)Why won’t people live in the Anrarctica  5)Why do modern countries need natural resources

10th  1)what are the achievenemnts of ancient  Egypt,Assyria,Babylon, Phoenicians  2)what is a city state and why are they all near rivers  3)what is the importance of the Nile river for Egypt  4)Why is the Nile river called the gift of Egypt

9th   1)what is the Middle East mean  2)what different areas make up the Middle East  3)How is Iran differeent than her Arab neighbors  4)What is the importance of the sinai desert for Africa and for the Middle East  5)what are the important rivers of the Middle East

11th   1)what is the importance of John Locke for the american people  2)How did England play a role in making America  3)What were the affects of the following events

a-The Mayflower Compact

b-The Trial of John Peter Zenger

c-The virginia house of burghesses

12th   1)How was the North similar and different from the south   2)Why did Washington start the first cabinet 3)Why did Washington trust Hamilton more than Jefferson  4)what is the difference between a dictator and a Monarch