Skylines 15

This year’s Skylines – an annual ‘Chinese’ auction benefiting Sinai Academy – will take place on January 21, 2012 at King’s Terrace.

This year’s event saw an increased amount of prizes sponsored by Sinai alumni – a truly heartwarming phenomenon. There is no private school out there that is able to maintain all of its varied curricular and extra-curricular activities strictly with tuition funds. Jewish schools in particular carry a heavier financial burden as a result of the dual curriculum. External sources of funding are always necessary and extremely beneficial to the continued growth of the school. Each new year we see an increase in the financial involvement of Sinai’s students of the past in helping us build Sinai’s future.

We express deep and sincere thanks to the following alumni (and their wives) for helping make this year’s auction possible:

Mr. Avrohon Zavulunov
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Biberman
Mr. and Mrs. Aryeh Leib Grinberg
Dr. Daniel Feldman
Artie and Michelle Shaykevich
Mr. Eddie Beylin
Oleg and Olya Saitsky
Dr. Dovid Shtrambrand
Mr. Moshe Borukhov
Mr. Andrei Khaimov
Mr. Eddie Dzhurinskiy
Mr. Andrei Dzhurinskiy
Mr. Ben Kanaev
Mr. Yitzchak Mizrahi
Mr. Jonathan Gavrilov
Mr. Albert Davydov
Mr. Doni Rybakov

Special thanks to Pesach Gelfand for the Sinai Auction website.

For information about the auction call 718.256.7400 ext.210. (evening phone: 917.696.4953)

King’s Terrace
815 King’s Highway (between E 8th and E 9th)
Brooklyn NY 11230

7:45 PM – 12:00 AM

The $100,000 MEGA RAFFLE Drawing will take place on February 4th, 2012.