Ms. Phillips hw for 1/17

12th grade-review for midterm.

9th grade- read pp. 57-61.

11th grade- 1-page essay: How do you like your heroes-on a pedestal too high for you to reach, or at eye level where they can inspire you directly?

AP Psych.- review for midterm.

10th grade- see 11th grade hw.

Ms. Phillips hw for 1/13 and 1/16

12th grade-review notes.

9th grade- be sure p. 44 Lit. Crit. questions are done for Fri. For Mon., read Act 1 Scene 3.

AP Psych.- read handouts.

10th grade-read 2 handouts. Write 1 page explaining how the video American Holocaust and the property rights handout DO NOT  treat Native American cultures as monolithic.

Ms. Phillips hw for 1/12

12th grade- finish essays.

9th grade- p. 44 Lit.  Crit. questions 1-14.

11th grade- review notes for midterm.

AP Psych.- study all handouts.

10th grade- review notes from Sept. through now for midterm. NOTE TO SRULY; WATCH THE DOCUMENTARY AMERICAN HOLOCAUST (about 29 minutes).

hw for 1/11 Ms. Phillips

To all classes:

Classwork and homework assignments for today ( 1/10) were e-mailed for distribution in my absence.

If you were absent today, contact the appropriate person(s) in your class for the assignments.

I expect to be in school tomorrow.

Ms. Phillips hw for 1/10

12th grade- review notes for midterm

9th grade- re-read Act 1 Scene 2

11th grade- review notes for midterm

AP Psych.- read handout/review notes

10th grade-late hws due!/ review notes/handouts