Back To School

Hello All,

We hope you’re enjoying your summer vacation. We also hope that you never stopped learning during the summer months – one should never let a day go by without something new learnt. Vacations offer us many and varied opportunities to learn but in different ways.

On September 3rd, however, we will resume the standard method of acquiring new knowledge, understanding, and skills. Regular school sessions resume on September 3rd at 8:20 AM.

September 2nd is a mandatory orientation for all students.

Orientation Schedule:

8/9th grades – 12 PM
10th grade – 1 PM
11th grade – 2 PM
12th grade – 3 PM

The above orientation meetings will be held in room 2.

7th grade – 12 PM in room 11.

Looking forward to see you there.

Please Note: Summer assignments will be collected on September 2nd. Make sure to bring them to the orientation. (If you have not yet started the assignments, now is the time to really get into it.)

Edwards Lit

2 page essay due on the day of the final, as per instructions given in class. MLA format; Topic: If you could ask your principal for a change to the school, what would it be? Use examples, stories, and facts to support your proposal.

The final will be a short story followed up with two short essay questions. Refer to your notes from class on character archetypes, perspective, and literary devices.

Good luck and see you then!

Edwards Lit

Read the short story, “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County”.

Brainstorm for 10 minutes, a good couple paragraphs worth on the following prompt; Why would someone like Smiley be so easily swindeled, he is apparently someone who would bet on anything? Then read your brainstorm and write down two topic sentences. Due Tues.

Edwards Lit

Finish the book by May 7th. There will be a review session that day, and a study guide handed out.

Due May 6th, write a half page describing any object, place, or creature. You may not use adjectives such as, small, big, large, or use the phrases like this or that, something like, and finally, do not use pronouns or the “to be” verb saying things like, “It was large.”

All make up work for Jules Verne will be due the day of the test.

Avrohom Rotberg

Algebra HW #14: Pg 403 #9 and pg 406 #3, 7, 15 and pg 409 #3, 5 and 12. Due Tue 5/6.

Algebra HW #15: Pg 415 #3, 7 and pg 434 #11 and 13. Due Wed 5/7.

Algebra HW # 16: pg 528 #3, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13. Due Thurs 5/8,

Algebra HW #17: Pg 421 #7, 15 and Pg 425 #11, 13 and pg 532 #3, 7, 11 and 17. Due Fri 5/9.

Science HW: ans all questions in Aug 13 regent packet. Due Mon 5/12.

Ms. Phillips 4/24

To all students: I hope your vacation was enjoyable and restful.  I expect to be back in school tomorrow.  Yesterday and today R. Silber received cw/hw assignments for my classes.  BE SURE THAT THEY ARE DONE!

Edwards Lit

Read to page 104, that is the end of chapter 30.

There will be an in class essay on the reading assignment when you return from the break.

Passover Vacation

There will be no school today Friday April 11. Have a great Passover vacation!! School will resume Wednesday April 23.

Edwards Lit

Please read the next 2 chapters and be prepared to discuss them on Monday.

We will have a quiz Wednesday on pages 36-62, up to chapter 17. Please read a few pages every night, so that you are prepared for in class discussion.