Ms. Phillips hw 10/29

11th grade- 1 page: What does it mean to be a man?

9th grade-Take- home test due tomorrow.

Earth Science HW 15

Review book page 200 to 204
Quick review 9-17

Complete worksheet 10–2
Earthquakes and earth’s interior
Due: 11/3 Monday

Biology HW 12

Review Book page 141-146
Do: Regents Review Part B and C 14-24

Due: Thursday 10/30

Ms. Phillips hw 10/28

11th grade-tomorrow will be the last day to have read chapter 9 and pp. 74-77.  You need to hand in your paragraph on what you think Mrs. Hale heard Mattie say when Mattie came out of her coma, as well as your reaction to chapter9 (separate assignment).  Final test tomorrow (open book).

9th grade-be sure you have your copy of Old Man and the Sea tomorrow for the pre-test.  The final test is Thursday.  H.W. for Monday 11/3 is to read pp. 1-19 in F451.

AP EL&C- read handout given today for Friday 10/31.  Be sure all H.W.s are done.

AP Psych.-review handout on neurotransmitters.

10th grade- read chapter 15.

Biology HW 11

Review Book Page 141-142 Part A
Do: regents review questions 1-13

Due: 10/29 Wednesday

Ms. Phillips hw 10/27


9th grade-read pp. 107-119. Hemingway portrays the Old Man as a hero. Do you agree? Why or why not? (1 page).

AP EL&C- do the rest of p. 17; top 18 plus “Activity”; pp. 18-21 plus “Activity” p. 20. Test Friday on material in this unit so far.

AP Psych.- review notes. Test 11/4 on material in this unit so far.

10th grade- read Chapter 14.

Biology HW 11

Review Book pages 141-142
Do: Regents Review Part A 1-10

Due: Wednesday 10/29

Earth Science HW 14

Review Book read pages 73-78
Do: Pages 79-80 Quick Review 10-18

Due: Tuesday 10/28

Ms. Phillips hw 10/24

11th grade- read chapters 7 and 8. Write an interior monologue for Mattie.  Include imaginary dialogue with Ethan.

AP EL&C- read the excerpt from Bush on the Couch.  Redo the “Activity” p.6 in light of this handout (SOAPS).