Ms. Phillips hw for 12/1

12th grade- make sure all assigned reading is done.

11th grade- do the essay on p. 12.

9th grade- prepare for writing assignment in class tomorrow based on pp. 1-8.

AP Psych.- this hw is due Mon. 12/5- read; look up information on Henry Molaison; look up the somatosensory homunculus.

10th grade-read pp 49-53.

Ms. Phillips hw for 11/30

12th grade-read the 2 fake news essays given in class.

11th grade-1 page: How important do you think this issue is? Why? (reference to the fake news essays)

9th grade- finish reading through p.10 of Beowulf.

AP Psych- review notes on the cerebrum.

10th grade- quiz tomorrow on Act One.

Ms.Phillips hw for 11/29

12th grade- read the Achebe and Phillips essays for discussion tomorrow.

11th grade- read the Algorithm essay. Paraphrase.

9th grade- do the 7 questions previously posted.

AP Psych.- review cerebellum notes.

10th grade- finish reading Act One and classwork.

HW for 9th grade for Mon.11/28 Ms. Phillips

(other grades got hw instructions Wed.)


lines 4-6- Why do you think Shield Sheafson was such a brawler?

2nd part of page 1- Find an example of synecdoche.

line 81- What are torques?

lines 82-84- What literary technique is used here?

2nd part of page 2- In your own words, why is Grendel so angry?

line 110- Define “anathema”.

line 209- Define “canny”.

Ms. Phillips hw for 11/22

12th grade- read remaining pages online (no copies were available)

11th grade- finish synthesis essay

9th grade-make sure all 4 podcasts have been viewed

AP Psych- review notes

10th grade- read through p. 22