Edwards Lit 12/19

All Classes, Due Monday.

7/8th: Read “Political Economy” by Mark Twain. Write a brief summary of events, if you are having a hard time understanding the colorful language, write down and define 10 new words from the story.

9th: Read Chapter 6. Describe the thought experiment in the chapter. Optional, make up your own thought experiment for problems with AI. One solid paragraph is sufficient.

12th: Read chapter 1 of part 2. Imagine you are the doctor for one of the patients (your choice), write a list of questions you would use to assess his sanity. Choose wisely, you will be doing a case study on this character for several upcoming assignments.

Ms. Phillips hw for Monday 12/22

AP Psych.- review notes.

APEL&C- read middle 126-top 129. Do Activity 129.

9th grade- essay: What would you have done in Kino’s place? Why?

11th grade- read Chapter 12.

10th grade- essay: What was one of the messages in this story? Could the story have ended any other way, and still have been true to the message? Describe and support.  N.B.: ANY RESEMBLANCE TO THE  BADLY WRITTEN, OFTEN INACCURATE ONLINE ‘CHEAT SHEETS’ WILL RESULT IN AN AUTOMATIC ZERO. TRUST YOUR ABILITIES TO DISCERN DIMENSIONS BELOW THE SURFACE OF WHAT YOU READ.


11grade:test and copy. 10grade:p.169,170.test prep.

Ms. Phillips hw 12/15

11th grade- add to motivation handout. Read chapters 10 and 11.

9th grade-finish 5 questions. Final tomorrow.

APEL&C-essay in progress Activity p. 124. Read bottom p.124-middle p.126.

AP Psych.-review notes. Watch video “What Narcolepsy Really Looks Like-Spoiler Alert-It Sucks (Yes that is the title.)

10th grade-read pp. 99-107. Final tomorrow.

Biology HW 30

Review Book Page 25
Part B 15-25

Due: Tuesday 12/15

Ms. Phillips hw 12/12

11th grade-Think of a distinguishing behavior for each of the following characters. In at least 1 sentence each, explain what really motivates their actions: Atticus/Jem/Scout/Miss Stephanie/Miss Maudie/Miss Caroline/Burris Ewell/Walter Cunningham/Dill/any of the Radleys except Boo/Calpurnia.

APEL&C- p 116 Essay Activity will be collected Monday (not precursors). Annotate article handout given in class today, noting techniques we have studied.

Ms. Phillips hw 12/11

11th grade- write a summary (not a paraphrase) of chapter 9.

9th grade- read chapter 6. Quiz Monday.

APEL&C- do p116 “Essay in Progress” activity-will be collected.

AP Psych.- review notes.

10th grade- read pp84–98 and do the 3-question handout. Quiz Tuesday.