Chemistry HW 9

Review Book read page 25-29
Do: Quick Review 10-19

Due: Monday 10-19

Biology HW 10

Review Book read pages 137-140
Do: Quick Review 19-25

Due: Monday 10/26

Ms. Phillips hw 10/23

11th grade-read chapters 5 and 6.

9th grade-read pp. 103-106.  Write a response to these quotes: p.101-”He was full of resolution but he had little hope.”  p. 103- “A man can be destroyed but not defeated.”  In your response, address how the Old Man has lived up to these ideas so far.

AP EL&C- read the rest of p. 8; p.9; do the “Activity” bottom p.9; read pp. 11,12; do “Activity” bottom p.12; read pp. 13-middle 17.

AP Psych.-review notes on the nervous system.

10th grade- read chapter 13.  Quiz Monday 10/27 on chapter 13.

Biology HW 9

Review Book Read 133-136
Do: Page 136 Quick Review 9-18

Due: Friday 10/24

Ms. Phillips hw 10/22

11th grade- 1 or 2 paragraphs on Mattie’s silence.

9th grade- at least 2 paragraphs on the reality beneath appearances in the book so far.

AP EL & C- read bottom p. 3; p. 4; do “Activity” bottom p. 4; read pp. 5-top p. 6.

AP Psych.- read handout on spinal nerves and cranial nerves.

10th grade- read Chapter 12.

Chemistry HW 8

Workbook read pages 21-24
Do: page 24 Quick Review 1-9

Due: Thursday 10/23