Ms. Phillips hw 3/2

11th grade- read The Next Great Migration essay. Apply SOAPS analysis to it and write a coherent paragraph indicating each item. Please do not write a mere list.

9th grade- complete handout #4.

APEL&C- review notes.

AP Psych.- read short-term memory and ADHD handouts.

10th grade- book must be finished for next Mon. Presentations tomorrow.


11grade:p.430-431(1-33). 10grade:629(3-8)

Biology HW 46

Page 79-70 Part C
Questions 29-31

Due: Wednesday 3/4

Ms. Phillips 2/25 hw

11th grade- re-read p. 11. Reflective Journal entry due Mon.

9th grade- 2 sentences each for the last set of words on your list (present perfect and past perfect).

APEL&C- read 2 handouts and analyze each according to ethos, logos, pathos and the Toulmin method. Write a summary of each analysis (4 paragraphs total).

AP Psych.- test Mon. PTSD therapies information is incomplete and will not be on the test. Read the first “Memory” handout.

10th grade- read pp 144-152. Reflective Journal entry due Tues.

Ms. Phillips hw 2/24

11th grade- read pp 9, 10, 11  and CC English Regents handout.

9th grade- 1 sentence each in the present perfect using the next 15 words on your list.

APEL&C- read “5 Canons” handout.

AP Psych.- test Monday 3/2 including today’s handout on writing as therapy.

10th grade- read pp 133-top 144.


11grade:p.427(7-24),428(26-34). 10grade:copy