Edwards Lit Pre-Final

Any and all late or make-up work must be handed in the day of the final, no later.

7/8th Grade: Book Report Assignment will be handout in class and due on the day of the final.

12th Grade: Final writing assignment – Use your assigned short story to write on the following prompt; How does the author of your story idealize the time period in which it was written? What themes, such as racial, economic, and societal pressures, does the writer address. Use at least two pieces of evidence (quotes from the story) to support your thesis. Due the day of the final, printed and handed in, standard MLA.


Biology HW 70

Workbook page 58 Part A
Questions 1-9

Due: Friday 5/22

Biology HW 69

Workbook read page 53-57
Questions 8-15

Due: Wednesday 5/20

Chemistry HW 61

Workbook read page 189-195
Questions 1-7

Due: Wednesday 5/20

Chemistry HW 60

Workbook page 172 Part C
Questions 20-25

Due: Friday 5/15