Summer Assignments ELA – Incoming 12th Grade


Summer Assignments ELA – Incoming 11th Grade

Summer Assignments ELA – Incoming 10th Grade

  • Read Antigone by Sophocles (including the explanatory notes) from this site.
    • In an essay, compare and contrast the moral complexities in Antigone with those of any other book we read in 9th grade. Support your essay with specific quotes from the play.
  • Read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by R. Skloot. You can borrow the book from school or your local library or purchase a copy of your own. (Note: watching the movie is not a substitute for reading the book.)
    •  In an essay, using specific references from the book, agree with, disagree with, or qualify the following assertions: In the setting of the book, Baltimore and Johns Hopkins had de jure segregation. Some critics have pointed out, however, that greed and sexism were larger factors than racism in how Lacks and her family were treated. In other words, according to these critics, a poor white person would have been treated the same way, and the general public, especially women, faced significant barriers in dealing with the patriarchal medical establishment. Support your essay with specific quotes from the book.

10th grade hw due 6/2 for absentees 5/26

You have the article.

You need to summarize the article (major details only). You have to write a paragraph relating it to Frankenstein, and a paragraph in reaction to the article.

Make sure to see me in Room 4 before 12:15 this Friday.

Ms. Phillips hw for 5/19 and 5/22 and 5/26

12th grade- read pp 129-148.

9th grade- for tomorrow: make a list of conflicts that occur in Acts I and II because of the characters’ roles.

– for Friday 5/26: read through the whistleblower handout. Select a person to write a short essay on and give a class presentation on. You will be addressing these points: 1) short bio 2) why was this whistleblowing incident important? 3) what was controversial about it? 4) what were the immediate and long-term consequences? 5) why did you choose this person?  On Mon. I will ask you whom you have selected.

11th grade- continue to work on the Regents essay.

AP Psych.- continue to review for the final.

10th grade- read chapters 12 and 13. Prepare for test Mon. on chapters 1-11 (not open book). Review your notes on The Scarlet Letter. We will review that book Mon.


Ms. Phillips hw for 5/17 etc.


I will be proctoring all day Wed. Assignments will be due at the next class meeting. The quiz scheduled for Thurs. (10th grade) will be on Mon. 5/22.

12th grade- read next 3 chapters.

9th grade- read Act II.

11th grade- continue to work on the Regents essay.

AP Psych.-review materials for the final.

10th grade- read next 3 chapters. Quiz will be on Chapters 1-11. Review notes on The Scarlet Letter.

Ms. Phillips hw for 5/12 and 5/15

12th grade- read anthropology article/read chapter 10 pp111-112

9th grade- 3pp reaction essay due Fri./ read first act of An Enemy of the People

11th grade- do the argument essay from the June 2015 Regents

AP Psych.- review material for the final

10th grade- read 2 handouts/  write a paragraph explaining why the science of Shelley’s day would have provoked both excitement and anxiety

To all: reminder to copy hw when it is announced in class/contact classmates when you are absent-I am having trouble with my router, so hw may not be posted in a timely manner.

Ms. Phillips hw for 5/4

12th grade- read handout and chapters 6 and 7.

9th grade- read pp 44-51.

11th grade- review Regents material.

AP Psych.- read handout.

10th grade- read through p. xxii only.