11grade:p.543(1-22). 10grade:test prep.

Avrohom Rotberg

Algebra HW # 13: PG 421; # 3, 7, 11 and 15. Pg 425; # 11 and 13. Due Fri 3/27.

Ms. Phillips hw 3/24

11th grade- finish reading Part 2 documents in the Regents packet.

9th grade- finish handouts 9 and 10. All except Isaac and Ethan do the homeopathy article hw.

APEL&C- write a thesis statement and provisional outline for your potential essay based on the Deception texts. The topic is “Is Human Deception Inevitable?”

AP Psych.- review for Quiz #2 tomorrow. Absentees need to get today’s notes.

10th grade- finish classwork (identify ethos, logos, and pathos plus the author’s thesis in the Benson essay); read the homeopathy article and identify the author’s thesis.

Avrohom Rotberg

Algebra HW # 13: Pg 415; # 3 and 7. Pg 434; # 11 and 13. Due Thurs 3/24.

Chemistry HW 44

Workbook read pages 143-147
Quick review 11-20

Due: 3/25 Wednesday

Ms. Phillips 3/23 hw

11th grade- all except Eli-thesis statements due.

9th grade-read article; identify thesis; identify ethos, logos, pathos.

APEL&C- study notes.

AP Psych.-study for Quiz 1 tomorrow; read handout.

10th grade- all except Eugene-identify ethos, logos, pathos in Dr. Cohn’s essay. Write 2 paragraphs on why the last section you read in the book is called “Death Forgiven”.