Ms. Phillips hw for 4/26

12th grade- read Chapter 2. (M.K.: read online until extra books come.)

9th grade-review notes on The Pearl so far. Make sure you have completed the hw  on why Kino wanted to own a rifle.

11th grade- do June 2015 Regents material given in class.

AP Psych.- review notes. Read the Fels essay.

10th grade- read the Viola Liuzzo handout. Read the Luddites handout.

Ms. Phillips hw for 4/25

12th grade- review notes.

9th grade- final test on Ethan Frome tomorrow. Review notes on The Pearl.

11th grade- finish Regents material given in class.

AP Psych.- review notes.

10th grade- finish questionnaire.

Ms. Phillips hw for 4/24

12th grade- Chapter 1 of The Things They Carried must have been read by Mon.  If you do not have your copy, read it online.

9th grade- Final test on Ethan Frome Tues. Read through page 40 of The Pearl for Mon.

11th grade- Do Aug. 2014 Regents material given in class.

AP Psych.- review notes.

10th grade- See previous post. I have extended that assignment to Mon. Also- find the page and paragraph in Letter From Birmingham Jail for each of these rhetorical techniques: anaphora; another (different) example of repetition, and under the heading of syntax, loose/periodic sentence. Be sure to indicate the effect of each technique in this context.

Ms. Phillips hw for 4/20

To all-

As I mentioned in class, my computer is not reliable right now. You have to copy hw when I give it. If you are absent, contact classmates.

12th grade-Make sure first chapter has been read.

9th grade- You have 1 more day to complete the vacation hw.

11th grade- Critique essay.

AP Psych.- Study notes.

10th grade-Look up the 5 names given in class (from the vacation handouts). Write a few sentences about each on their major philosophical stances. Include dates of birth and death. No need to access overly technical sites. Basic knowledge of the contributions of these people is what is required.


Pesach Vacation 

Pesach vacation aka spring break will begin Friday April 7th. School will resume at 10 am on Wednesday April 19th. 

Have a happy Pesach!!

Chemistry Homework 49-52

HW49 Workbook Page 135 Q 1-7
HW50 Workbook Pages 135-136 Q 8-14
HW51 Workbook Page 136 Q 15-18
HW52 Complete Worksheet 12

Due day after vacation

Ms. Phillips hw for 4/5

12th grade- read 2 handouts. Read

9th grade- read or re-read the Epilogue. The last question of the test will be based on it. You will not be able to use your notes or book. If you have not yet presented your moral dilemma, be prepared to do so tomorrow.

11th grade- continue self-study of AP material.

10th grade- read pp 17-26 (up to “Religious Liberty”). Learn these new vocabulary words: from p. 21- execrable (adj.); extirpate (v.); brethren (n.); execration (n.); perambulate (v.); from p. 24- caprice (n.); rapacity (n.); from p. 25- ecclesiastics (n.).


Ms. Phillips hw for 4/4

12th grade-review just war theory notes.

9th grade- final test on RSG Tues.

11th grade- finish Goethe quote essay.

AP Psych.- study M&E handout/write 50 questions and answers based on this chapter.

10th grade-read bottom p.12-top p.17.