AP Euro due Mon 10/20

1. Read both handouts (On Machiavelli and Martin Luther)

2. Fill in as much as you can the Timeline chart given out early in the school year.

Edwards Lit 10/13

9th: Read Act III, and complete the follow questions; Scene I, pg 109, #2. Scene II, pg 123, Writing Work Shop. Also complete Shakespeare’s Language, pg 92, a) and d). In total this should be about 2 hand written pages. Take your time with this writing assignment, the assigned reading is limited to give you a chance to catch up and show me your writing.

7/8th: Read Chapter 2, and complete the following writing assignment; There are a set of rules established by the older children. Suggest 3 rules you would like you were such a situation. Defend these rules and explain their importance. You may only use one rule given in the book, 2 rules must be original. I recommend at least 1 hand written page, but it should be 3 solid paragraphs.

Due Monday, Oct. 20th.

Ms. Phillips hw 10/7

11th grade- list the themes you have discerned so far in E.F.  Do not research this. Trust your judgment.  If you go online to complete this assignment you will come face to face with Zeena Monday morning.  You don’t want that.

9th grade- see 10/6 post.

APEL&C- review test topics-you will need to know these for the midterm and AP exam.

AP Psych.- see 10/6 post.

10th grade- read Chapter 10. Absentees may take make-up test during lunchtime in Room 4 Monday 10/20.  This will be the only make-up opportunity.

Chemistry HW 6

Complete worksheet 4 Periodic Trends and Ions

Due: Monday October 20th

Biology HW 7

Begin worksheet 4 Humans and the environment.

Questions: 1, 2, 5, 9, 10, 14, 15, and 18

Due: Monday October, 20th

Ms. Phillips hw 10/6

10th grade-open-book test tomorrow on main ideas in chapters 1-9.

AP Psych.-test tomorrow on readings previously assigned plus critiques. Due 10/20-write a summary of the article “Why Zimbardo’s Prison Experiment Isn’t in my Textbook”.

AP EL&C-test tomorrow on all impediments to critical thinking material done so far.

9th grade- open-book test tomorrow on main ideas pp. 1-63. Due 10/20-pp.64-77.

11th grade-all except Eric owe essay that was due today.  Open-book test tomorrow on major ideas pp.1-36.

English 12 due 10/7

Write a paragraph describing the mental condition of the protagonist from A Perfect Day for Banana Fish using long sentences only. Then rewrite the same paragraph varying sentence length.

AP Euro Due 10/7

Read the handout with two sample essays. On a scale of 1 – 9, how would you rate these essays? Write down ideas of how you would improve these essays.