Edwards Lit 11/22

12th: Read to pg. 77, and write at least one page on the following; Is McMurphy a psychopath, and give reasons or examples to support your claim. Due Monday.

9th Grade: Write about your most valuable possession that you did not buy in a store. Explain where you obtained it and why it is valuable to you. Due Monday.

7th/8th: Finish chapter 10, and Write an introduction for your civil vs. savage essay. Don’t use facts, and stay away from phrases like “I believe” or “I think”. Make sure you state the most important thing your essay will discuss. Due Monday

AP Macro Unit Test 2

REMINDER: Unit test this Monday.

Topics: GDP: 3 approaches, final vs intermediate; real vs nominal; unemployment – 3 types; inflation: CPI, lenders vs borrowers; MPC.

Review chapters in your book including the appendix on conversion from nominal to real values.

AP Euro unit test 2

REMINDER: unit test 2 – Monday – part 1 and Tuesday – part 2.

Study both outline handouts.

All essays must be handed in by Monday!

Ms. Phillips hw 11/21

11th grade- write at least 1 paragraph on your impressions of American Southern culture circa first half of 20th century.

APEL&C- read Didion essay and accompanying instruction pp 52-60.

Ms. Phillips hw 11/20

11th grade-second question of test is due tomorrow.

9th grade- short essay: describe Montag’s liminal state.

APEL&C- read second op-ed piece. Indicate thesis, tone, and how or if ethos, logos, and pathos were established.

AP Psych.- review notes WITH PICTURES OR DIAGRAMS.

10th grade- On Monday we will see the conclusion of the film. Your final on Tuesday will refer to it.

Mrs.Minkin H.W.

11grade:p.223(3-29)p.224(30-37),(44-46). 10grade:copy(21,22)

Chemistry HW 21

Review Book Page 75-79
Quick review 28-36

Due: Monday 11/24

Ms. Phillips hw 11/19

11th grade- test will be tomorrow-1/2 in class (to be collected) and the rest at home (due Friday).

9th grade- read pp 113-119. How does Montag feel as he burns his own house? (2 paragraphs).

APEL&C- read handout.Identify the thesis, the tone, and 3 figures of speech plus their specific citations. ¬†Absentees must get notes from today’s class. Due to majority absenteeism, test on figures of speech is postponed until Friday.

AP Psych.- review notes. Do Phineas Gage hw previously given. Look up Jahi McMath.

10th grade- reflect on the part of the film you saw today. Final test Monday; it may be Tuesday if we need 2 more class sessions to watch the entire film.


11grade:p.219(3-14). 10grade:p.254,255(3–14),p.260(10,14)