12th grade-review class notes for writing assignment tomorrow

10th grade- review notes

11th grade-review  essay

9th grade- read lines 2425-2515

ap psych- read article from the atlantic : psychology has a new approach to building healthier men and write a 1 page response

Mr.Chhe 1/17/19

8th Grade – 7.4 and 7.5 on pages 144-145


9th Grade – Study for Final

Ms. Phillips for 1/15/19

12th Grade – Read through page 101 + late hw’s are due

10th Grade – Finish Act 2

11th grade – Review notes from “Night”

Ap Psych – look up a diagram of a Neutron and learn the parts

9th Grade – read lines 2221 – 2323

Mr. Manalang 1/14

Biology- # 34 wb pg 15-16 q 18-26

Chemwstry # 28- wb pg 43 q 1-10

Earth science- complete worksheet 10 both parts

Mr. Pavloskiy


Algebra 1  – pg 158 #3


7th grade  – Review and finish  pg 159 – 160


8th grade – pg 178

Ms Philips for 1/11

12th grade-write a paragraph describing how mcmurphy sees himself.

10th grade- think about why it matters that the puritans claimed to not only be possessed by the devil but that they made contracts with the devil.

ap psych- review notes

9th grade- review leadership and followership notes for midterm

Ms. Philips 1/10

12 grade- read pp 91-101

11th grade- review notes

10th grade- make a list of symbolic meanings of the woods in the play

ap psych-add at least one item to the list in the handout