The foundation of a solid education is the science of Mathematics. A strong Math program prepares a student for multiple careers and more importantly develops a child’s analytical thought process and deductive and inductive reasoning.

Children respond to math concepts in different ways and progress through the curriculum at different speeds. The Honors program students usually take the accelerated track, which allows them to complete the required regents courses sooner and to continue on with Advanced Placement courses like AP Calculus AB (11th grade) and BC (12th Grade).

Standard Math Curriculum

9th Grade – Algebra

10th Grade – Geometry

11th Grade – Algebra II / Trigonometry

12th Grade – Calculus

Accelerated Math Curriculum

9th Grade – Geometry + Intro to Algebra II

10th Grade – Algebra II / Trigonometry + Pre-Calculus

11th Grade – AP Calculus AB (Full Year Course)

12th Grade – AP Calculus BC + Intro to Multivariate Calculus

Daily homework is posted on the home work page of the Sinai Academy website. This not only allows the parents to quickly and easily find out the assigned work for the day but also serves as a reminder for each student since the assignments appear in their FB feed.