Jewish Studies

Nothing prepares a student for a well-rounded and self-fulfilling life like a combination of general and Jewish studies. As a student discovers the rich and glorious past, the language, the long and at times troubled history of the Jewish people, he begins to appreciate the legacy that he is to continue and the foundation that he is to build upon. Jewish philosophy and ethics are the basis for all Western values. The teachings of Jewish philosophers of yesteryear like Rambam (Maimonides), Maharal of Prague and the Gaon of Vilnius are as eye opening today (if not more so) as they were during their age.

The interdisciplinary approach to Sinai Academy’s dual curriculum helps make sure that the Jewish studies help further a student’s understanding of his general studies and vice versa. (For example: Jewish history, which is so utterly intertwined with the fate of every empire, with many significant events and circumstances that shaped our world’s history, that the study of Jewish history inevitably enriches the student’s understanding of global history.)

In addition to Hebrew, Jewish history, philosophy, ethics, students are also introduced to Jewish holidays and traditions. Sinai Academy is a Jewish high school in Brooklyn, NY, and it aims to continue the legacy and tradition of scholarship and community responsibility and values that have been the foundation and preservation of Jews over the generations.