Through the study of History, American, European, and of other parts of our world, the student begins to view current events not in a vacuum but as a natural outgrowth of previous circumstances, which gives new meaning and perspective to these events. History opens the student to the complexity of the human experience. It teaches him to critically analyze data and even offer alternative interpretations. The History courses also improve the student’s research abilities as well as writing.

History is a course which engages most high school age students. Together with Global Studies, knowledge of History will help the student be better prepared for the multi-faceted experiences that is part and parcel of life in the global village that is our world.

Everything happened in ‘History’ – scientific innovations, mathematical discoveries, great books and their authors – all of it occurred sometime in history. As such the study of history is a perfect interdisciplinary junction that reconnects the student with all the other the subjects.

Daily homework is posted on the home work page of the Sinai Academy website. This not only allows the parents to quickly and easily find out the assigned work for the day but also serves as a reminder for each student since the assignments appear in their FB feed.