Student Life

One thing that is immediately felt by every student at Sinai Academy is the warmth and sincere dedication of the teachers and the administrative staff. Sinai isn’t just a High School, it’s a family of students – past and present, parents, teachers, and many community members and leaders that take part in the life of the school. The student will not only form new friendships with that will last him a lifetime with other students, but with the teachers and alumni.

Over the 25 years that Sinai Academy has been in existence, it has developed a network of lay leaders, political leaders, successful businessmen, renowned doctors and lawyers, college professors all of whom contribute to our general goal of setting our students onto a path of optimal success. The relationships that begin during here at Sinai aid in each student‘s development well beyond these four years. It is in this atmosphere of giving that so many of our alumni return to give back and to reinforce the Sinai community.

Over the course of the year, Sinai staff organizes numerous events, like weekend retreats and Shabbatons for students and alumni, visits from important persons, meetings with community leaders – all to expand a student’s field of experience.

A Time to Relax

Sometimes students need time simply to unwind and to have fun. Whether it’s a barbeque in our yard or in the park, a small trip to the park or a museum, or a large trip to an amusement park, to the winter slopes, or upstate for the weekend, a family-like atmosphere makes these times of relaxation more than just a good time but an opportunity to solidify and to strengthen these bonds of friendship.


A School day begins at 8:20 AM. Breakfast is available at 8:00 AM for those students that want to have their breakfast in school. Judaic classes are given in the first three periods of the day followed by five periods of general studies and extra-curricular programs. Dismissal for most grades is at 4:00 PM.