Rabbi Aryeh Katzin

Originally from Moscow, Rabbi Katzin lived and studied for many years in Israel. Since his arrival in New York, Rabbi Katzin has become more than the principal of Sinai Academy which he founded in 1987. Rabbi Katzin is a corner stone of the Russian American Jewish community at large. He is currently the head of R.A.J.E. (Russian American Jewish Experience) – an organization that organizes leadership seminars for Jewish college students in NYC as well as various other programs; he is the publisher of Evreiskiy Mir – Russian language American Jewish newspaper; weekly radio talk-show host.  He is also a rabbi at the Netzach Yisroel congregation in Brooklyn.

Rabbi Moshe Silber

Rabbi Moshe Silber is the Hebrew Studies Principal as well as 9th and 10th grades Judaic studies teacher.

Steven Feldstein

Mr. Feldstein is a licensed School Building Leader in New York State. He has been with Sinai Academy almost since its inception – first as a student, then as a teacher, and for the past seven years as its principal. He has received his undergraduate degree from Yeshiva University, his graduate degree from Brooklyn College, and Rabbinic ordination from Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin.