8th grade Hw#13-1)is it better that each american state should rule itself?

2)why were the american people afraid to give the government too much power?

3)why do you think america has expanded from 13 states to 50 states?

4)list the 13 states and their capital cities?

10 grade global hw#14-1)what is morality and why is it so important?

2)why did the people of egypt build pyramids?

3)why do so many people hate the jews for many years?

4)why were all cities in the ancient world built by rivers?

U.S history hw#14-1)what happened at the boston tea party?

2)what made england so angry regarding the boston tea party?

3)why were certaun americans so angry when england lowered their price of tea?

4)why did the boston tea party help bring about the american revolution?

7th grade history hw#16-1)what made england and america have close relations?

2)why did america used to be called the 13 colonies?

3)why did people of england leave their country to come to america?

4)why would america and england go to war against each other?

5)why did the american revolution last 5 years?

9th grade global hw#15-1)what 2 terrorist groups are enemies of israel?

2)why do the arabs keep fighting israel even if they always lose?

3)who was khomani of iran and why was he bad for israel?

4)who was the shah of iran and why was he good for israel?

5)why is israel always in the most dangerous position out of all the countries in the middle east?