Mr. Schatz HW 10/23/17

7th grade #13

1- why was America the 13 colonies of England?
2- why do people with the same culture want to have their own country?
3- why does America take in more immigrants than any other country?
4- why would someone leave their own country to live somewhere else?

Govt. and Politics #13

1- why was America not supposed to become a country?
2- why did certain Americans want America to be one country?

10th grade Global History #16

1- why did the Greeks destroy Troy down to the last toenail?
2- what was the cause of the Trojan war?
3- in the ancient world why were wars usually over in a week?

U.S. History #16

1- why was the American revolution a great victory for America?
2- why did England want America back as it’s colony?
3- what was the name of the American government during the American revolution?
4- discuss four causes of the American revolution.

8th grade history #18
1- list 12 countries in Asia and Europe and their capital cities.

9th grade Global #17
1- why do so many Jews today want to live in Israel?
2- what are three reasons Iran is such a threat today?
3- why do you think Rome destroyed the Jewish state of Israel and the second temple?
4- discuss how Iran became ruled by the Islamic clergy.