Hw #14

8th grade – 1 – which 3 countries have the most people?

2 – why is it good or bad or both for a country for a  country to allow immigration like america?

3 – why is it good or bad or both for a country to have a lot of people?

4 – why is it bad for a country to have a small population?

5 – list 10 countries in South America and their capital cities?


Gov & Pol – 1 – Why were Americans always moving west?

2 – why was england afraid if the americans would move west on their own?

3 – why was france and england going to war in america so far from europe?

4 – why was it important for americans that england defeat france?


10th grade global – 1 – what is the importance of monotheism?

2 – why was most of the world in ancient times believing in Polytheism?

3 – what are the definitions of monotheism, polytheism, and atheism?

4 – how did the nile river effect ancient egypt?


US History – 1 – what made the quarterly act hated by americans?

2 – why were the americans angry at increased taxed?

3 – why did england lower the price of english tea to the 13 colonies?

4 – what bothered the americans about the results of the french indian war?


7th grade history – 1 – list 10 countries in south america and their capitol cities?

2 – why is venezuala having so many problems as a country?

3 – what continents make up the west and east hemisphere?

4 – what happens when a country is ruled by a dictator?

5 – which two rulers destroyed the country of venezuala?


9th grade global – 1 – why is iran today such a threat to israel?

2 – explain how iran today is ruled by the islamic clergy?

3 – why have the arab countries become friendly with israel?