Ms. Phillips hw for 5/19 and 5/22 and 5/26

12th grade- read pp 129-148.

9th grade- for tomorrow: make a list of conflicts that occur in Acts I and II because of the characters’ roles.

– for Friday 5/26: read through the whistleblower handout. Select a person to write a short essay on and give a class presentation on. You will be addressing these points: 1) short bio 2) why was this whistleblowing incident important? 3) what was controversial about it? 4) what were the immediate and long-term consequences? 5) why did you choose this person?  On Mon. I will ask you whom you have selected.

11th grade- continue to work on the Regents essay.

AP Psych.- continue to review for the final.

10th grade- read chapters 12 and 13. Prepare for test Mon. on chapters 1-11 (not open book). Review your notes on The Scarlet Letter. We will review that book Mon.