Schatz HW

7th Grade HW

  1. List 10 countries of the middle east and their capital cities
  2. What are two important cities of Israel?
  3. Why are the Arabs angry that Israel is a Jewish Country?
  4. What are 4 things that make up the culture of a people?

8th Grade HW

  1. Why is any country regarded as important?
  2. What are two reasons to vote for Donald Trump for president and two reasons to vote for the Beast (Clinton)?
  3. Why is trade so important for a country?
  4. Why has the US been regarded as a great country?

9th Grade HW

  1. Why is the Middle East the Arab World?
  2. What are the seperate parts of the Middle East?
  3. What are 4 reasons that Egypt is so important?
  4. Why is there a hatred for Israel but not as bad as it used to be?

10th Grade HW

  1. Why is homer so famous?
  2. Why would the Greeks be for their city state instead of for the country, Greece?
  3. Why was it a tragedy that Troy was destroyed?
  4. What areas of the ancient world was Greek?

11th Grade HW

  1. What were the causes of the war between England and the Indians?
  2. Why did England allow France to remain in America?
  3. Why did England want peace with the Indians?
  4. Why was the English Economy hurt by this war?

12th Grade HW

  1. Why does America have a tradition to stay out of Europe?
  2. Why did some Americans want the US to join WW1?
  3. Why was America able to become a great nation in the 1800s?
  4. Why was it better for America to remain neutral?