Ms. Phillips HW #7

12th grade-critique essay.

11th grade-find examples of jargon, slang, euphemism, loaded language, or coded language in any recent utterance of a politician (American or otherwise). Include date and context.

9th grade-FOR FRIDAY-read through “Third day” (p.31 if you have the book).

FOR MONDAY-1) What is the symbolism of the salamander and the phoenix?  2) Why did Bradbury choose to mention Millay, Whitman, and Faulkner specifically?  3)  What is the function of ellipses?  4) What effect did Clarisse have on Montag?

AP Psych.- due Monday Sept. 26: look up basic information about the Stanford Prison Experiment plus “Why the Stanford Prison Experiment Isn’t in My Textbook”; the Milgram Experiment; Sherif’s Robbers’ Cave Study.

10th grade- read Chapter 2.