Sinai Student is Published by The Huffington Post

A blog post by Armand Wolf – a senior – was published today on the Huffington Post. Armand is a student who has been interested in politics for as long as we’ve known him. His political views have always sparked controversies in the classroom, and now, it seems, they are a topic of conversation among the HuffPost readers. We congratulate Armand on this milestone, we appreciate his drive, his active engagement in the political arena, his persistent pursuit of his academic and career goals, and wish him success in all his endeavors.

In the article, Armand describes why he would rather vote for Donald Trump – currently the leading Republican candidate – than Hillary Clinton – the likely democratic nominee, even though Armand himself has always sided with those in the Democratic party. Armand, of course, is not eligible to vote, since he is not yet 18.

Read his article here: Why I, A Liberal Democra, Would Rather Vote for Donald Trump than Hilary Clinton.