Ms. Phillips hw for 9/10

APEL&C- Re-read Prof. Treckel’s speech excerpt. What techniques did she use? What effect did they have?

9th, 10th, 11th grades-Choose a hero you know from any fictional medium. How and to what extent does he conform to Campbell’s monomyth? How does he not? (one page) Read 3 handouts.

AP Psych.- The following sites must be read and annotated for Oct.7. You are responsible for knowing basic information on human subject research-significant laws and their approximate dates; IRBs; major infamous research (lead researchers/institutions; goals of the research; consequences of the research). Non-human animal subject research protocols will be covered in class. You will need to be able to briefly summarize and state the importance of these items:

Go to wikipedia-human subject research-read the intro.

Go to human subject rights-ethical guidelines. Take notes on and learn the major rules/laws.

Go to wikipedia-unethical human experimentation in the U.S.. Read and take notes on the entire article. Pay attention to the Stanford Prison Experiment, the Milgram Experiment, the Guatemalan Experiment, and the Tuskegee Experiment.