Ms. Pitilli HW. for 9/4/2015 6th- 7th Grade English

Class  070/01  English

Choose 3 words from the list of challenging Character Trait Words ( This sheet was given out on Wednesday 9/2

On the Illustrating Character Trait Sheet you are to follow the intrudtions given and create your own drawing.

Look at the illustration carefully . Use ruler to draw the box

Make sure you Place the word on top in Bold letters.

On the next line define the word.  Please use a dictionary.

In the middle of the box draw your picture

On the bottom of the box Explain how or what a character might do to demonstrate  the trait.

Use one sheet of paper for each word. When you draw the box make sure it is with a ruler and large enough for all the information.

Have fun   Assignment is due on Friday 9/4