Ms. Phillips 3/9

11th grade- The Last Great Migration and Jihadi John SOAPS analyses are due tomorrow if you have not already handed them in. Question 26 in the Regents packet is due tomorrow. Look over the CC Regents information handout and let me know if you anticipate difficulties with any part of the Regents (this is important.)

N.B. to Eric- re the Jihadi John handout: last column, first paragraph- correct “Islam” to “Islamic”.

9th grade- The Last Great Migration SOAPS analysis is due tomorrow if you have not yet handed it in. Finish handouts 5, 6, and 7. Test Thursday on the verb tenses we have studied.

APEL&C- go over the figures of speech from the review questionnaire we did today.

AP Psych.- test on memory unit and handouts from this week Monday 3/16. Read the 3 handouts given today. Retain notes on PTSD therapies for a later unit on therapy.

10th grade- open book test tomorrow on FFA. Presentations will be on Wednesday. For tomorrow, write 1 paragraph explaining your choice of scene.