AP European History Due Tues Feb 17

1. Catch up on all HW that you might be missing:

(These were: 1. Read and summarize in your own words the two sets of documents that were given out; answer questions attached to the first set of documents; 2. Compare Declaration of Independence to Declaration of rights of Man and Citizen)

2. Final draft essay: Evaluate the influence of Enlightenment ideas on the French Revolution. Once again: Strong thesis is a must!! In other words: do not write your first paragraph until you know what you will write in your next three. Once you have your main points clear  in your mind, formulate your first paragraph by compressing these main points into one long and powerful sentence. That’s your thesis! (As I mentioned a few times in class: the essay HW assignments have a greater weight in your final grade calculations. Make sure you work on the essay well.) Refer to the documents packets, and try to incorporate some quotes from them into your essay.