Ms. Phillips hw 1/22


Your midterm format has been changed. Please note that you will still need to know whatever we have covered since September, but you will refer to the texts we have read, not a new text selected for the test.  As previously announced, you will need to identify themes, major plot elements,  imagery, syntax, diction, tone,  setting, how characters respond to and evolve because of challenges, and the function of points of view. You will also need to know the kinds of figurative language the authors  employed, and why.

Refresh your memory of the texts we read this semester. Review your class notes and the kinds of questions that were asked on the handouts. Remember why certain texts are considered literature and not merely writing. Finally, be prepared to write about the connections you found between the texts and your life.

AP Psych.- review for midterm.

APEL&C- finish essay 1 in the packet.

9th grade- finish handout 3. Finish the book.

11th grade-finish the book. Quiz tomorrow on the last 2 chapters.

10th grade-finish the handout given in class today. Read through p. 126.