Ms. Phillips hw 1/12

11th grade- look up “de jure” and “de  facto”. Write 2 examples for each kind of racism. You may use your knowledge of U.S. history and/or examples from the book. Read chapter 24. Read the Charlie Hebdo essay for Wed.

9th grade- sketch an Ionic, a Doric, and a Corinthian column. Choose any 7 of the famous names from today’s list and note the dates and at least one accomplishment for each.

APEL&C- read pp 175-“integrating quotations” 179.

AP Psych.- read perception handout. Read visual system handout and annotate.

10th grade- 1 paragraph each: How different from you would someone have to be for you to feel uncomfortable, and why? Describe at least 1 disadvantage in Charlie getting smarter.