Edwards Lit 10/13

9th: Read Act III, and complete the follow questions; Scene I, pg 109, #2. Scene II, pg 123, Writing Work Shop. Also complete Shakespeare’s Language, pg 92, a) and d). In total this should be about 2 hand written pages. Take your time with this writing assignment, the assigned reading is limited to give you a chance to catch up and show me your writing.

7/8th: Read Chapter 2, and complete the following writing assignment; There are a set of rules established by the older children. Suggest 3 rules you would like you were such a situation. Defend these rules and explain their importance. You may only use one rule given in the book, 2 rules must be original. I recommend at least 1 hand written page, but it should be 3 solid paragraphs.

Due Monday, Oct. 20th.