Ms. Phillips hw 9/29

Reminder to all Lit. classes: You must stay current with reading assignments.

9th grade: read pp. 21-33; write at least 2 paragraphs on who Manolin is to the old man.  There are at least 6 answers.  Explain at least 2 of these roles.

11th grade: do 5-question handout.

AP EL&C: make sure you have a 40-minute block of time.  Do the practice synthesis essay based on the 6 sources you read in class.

AP Psych.: look up 1 famous longitudinal study in any field and summarize the important points in at least 2 paragraphs.  Include the name(s) of the lead researcher(s); name of the institution; dates; intervals when the sample is measured; characteristics of the sample; and important findings.  Also, be prepared to discuss any difficulties you have with the material in the statistics section of the textbook.

10th grade: read Chapters 6 and 7.