AP Euro Due Mon

1. Read the information on the following webpages regarding Baldesar Castiglione’s (1478-1529) book titled Book of the Courtier


2. Read the excerpts given to you in class. (The language is somewhat challenging; read it carefully.) There are two excerpts: 1st part talks about graceful behavior of a Courtier – affectation vs nonchalance; 2nd part deals with the value of art, art as imitation of nature, and what art is more valuable painting or sculpture.

3. Write a thoughtful essay answering (many) the following based on the excerpts:

Who is a courtier? What are his or her main concerns in life? Do they lead a difficult life? What percentage of the population will need this book that tells them how to behave at Court? How many people actually appreciated these great artists who put so much effort into creating the various works of art of the time? Are these courtiers people of substance or “fakers”? How do the book’s suggestions for proper behavior for that time relate to advice that one might give to someone who wishes to succeed at our time?

These are not questions that you must answer directly but prompts that will guide your essay.

VERY IMPORTANT: You must support your statements with quotes from the excerpts.