Alex Raytberg (’96) Speaks to the Entrepreneurship Class

After the class trip to the Intrepid, a group of Sinai students sat down for a meeting with one of Sinai’s alumni. Alex Raytberg, class of 1996, is now a senior analyst at Amber Capital hedge fund. Alex has been eager to give back to his old school; he wanted to share some of his knowledge  and financial insight with the current Sinaians. It wasn’t simple to set up this meeting, which everyone hopes can be repeated on some semi-regular basis, but after some schedule shifting and planning, the class met up with Alex in the city right after his day at the office and the classes tour of the Intrepid.

The intro to present value analysis and the shwarma were well received by the students. They also bombarded him with all sorts of questions on many topics such as the current economic crisis and politics.