A New Program for Studies in Finance and Economics

With the help of an alumnus – Roman Shukhman, derivatives trader at JP Morgan Chase, an enrichment program for Economic and Financial studies began at Sinai. Roman provided not just financial support to get the program started but served as an inspiration and a role model for it.

Roman attributes his success on Wall St. to discovering early in his career what he wanted to do. While still in high school, Roman knew that he wanted to be involved in financial markets. His then still naive and superficial understanding of what the markets are all about did, however, develop into a successful career in the industry. The new program aims to expand the financial erudition of our high-schoolers by introducing them to basics of personal finance, financial markets, economics, and business.

We continue to seek new ways to broaden our students’ horizons in the fields of finance and economics. Thus far the program includes the Stock Market Club, where students trade equities using NtionalSMS.com – an online trading simulation software, a class in entrepreneurship, where students are introduced to financial statements and where they are working in groups to put together a professional business plan, and a course in AP Macroeconomics. We are looking forward to inviting a number of influential guest speakers to share their experiences in the world of business, finance and economics.

The subject of money is one that most students find engaging, and as such the progress in this area has been quite excellent.